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Ductless Heating Systems for Efficiency and Comfort

Ductless systems heat pumps and air conditioners provide an effective way to regulate the temperature. Bean’z Heating and Cooling provides skilled support and installation. We will help you with all facets of your needs to ensure a safe and effective indoor climate.

Ductless Systems for Customized Temperature Control

Although many households have conventional forced air heating and cooling systems, due to the many advantages they offer, ductless systems continue to rise in popularity, and with our ductless HVAC facilities, you can expect to have:

  • Versatile control: Ductless cooling and heating systems allow individualised temperature control in your home by building zoned spaces that can be uniquely configured for each room according to your preferences.
  • Energy Savings: Ductless systems, one of the most cost-effective HVAC systems, improve home performance and decrease electricity costs by allowing you to monitor which areas in the home are being heated or cooled.
  • Improved air quality: Air ducts can be a breeding ground for bacteria, allergens and pollutants that decrease the quality of indoor air, but with its revolutionary nature, a ductless system removes this issue.

MSZ / MUZ High-Efficiency Heat Pump

Highest heat power at low ambient temperatures and respected for its industry-leading performance and durability.

Ductless Systems Series Heat Pump

The MSZ / MUZ Heat Pump is a more cost-effective option for many customers. It is suitable for homes that do not need high heat energy between the uses of the furnace.

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