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Bean’z Heating and Air Conditioning are a small family owned company with a small overhead so you don’t pay what big companies charge with huge overheads to run their huge company.

That is why we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best in installation, service and repairs with over 25 years of experience for your heating and cooling needs.

 Our company is built on honesty and integrity. We specialize in all residential and light commercial heating and cooling equipment as well as mobile home units.

 We take pride in the quality of our work and our commitment to outstanding results.

That is why we look forward to building a long-term relationship with a guarantee to your satisfaction. This system is also known as HAVC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

HVAC system works on the principle of thermodynamics and fluid dynamics, which is, the flow of heat from the warmer region to the cooler region.

These systems are a crucial part of the residential and commercial structures. For instance, apartments, homes, hotels, hospitals and industries.

The ultimate purpose of these systems is to regulate the temperature and humidity. Conditions of your home  is to  keeping you safe and comfortable. 

Working of heating and cooling systems

Heating and cooling systems contain three major parts.

  • Source: It provides warm or cooled air.
  • Air distributer: It distributes the heated or cooled air to different rooms.
  • A regulatory system: It controls the temperature or the air, also known as a thermostat.

If any of these components malfunctions, the system won’t be able to function properly.

The heat is provided by the furnace which warms the air and then it travels through the ducts into your rooms. 

Whereas, the source of cool air is an air conditioner which removes the heat from your rooms and makes it cooler.

The distribution mechanism of cool and warm air is similar, both flow through the same ducts.

Thermostat controls the temperature of your houses and buildings. It is used in various versions of cooling and heating systems.

They contains two a bimetallic element that expands or contracts with the change in the temperature. 

It responds to the changes in the temperature and turns the system on or off according to the set temperature.

However, new systems contain electronic sensors also known as solid-state electronic controls, which are more accurate and responsive.

By doing maintenance checking and servicing every year, you can keep your system in a good condition, to work efficiently.